Ade Advanced Optics STINGRAY RD3-019 Ultra Micro Red Dot Sight For any handgun plate/slides/Cuts that are Compatible with Trijicon RMR Screw Pattern/Footprint - 6MOA Red Dot

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The ADE RD3-019 sensor activated red dot fits all pistols with optic cuts for Trijicon RMR, including aftermarket slide such as Rockslides, Polymer80 and PSA that has an optic cut for Trijicon RMR Pattern.

Ade Stingray is Designed to be the smallest and lightest red dot to fit any pistol mounting plate/slide/cut that is compatible with Trijicon RMR/SRO(both type 1 and type 2 RMR), Holosun 407C/507C/508T footprint red dots. The overall length is around 15-20% shorter than other major red dots on the market. The shorter design allow this sight to be able to sit in to all optic cuts/plates/adapters that are designed for RMR footprint. For some optics ready pistols with a larger optic cut, there might be a gap between the rear of the Stingray and pistol rear iron sight. 

Ade Stingray created an iron sight curve at the end of the body, and also added two white dots on the curve. For the rear of part of the red dot to become a back up iron sight. With the ultra short design, the red dot provides a distance/gap on some full size optics ready pistol, to give enough distance to be a Co-Witness back up sight, in addition to the LED dot and pistol equipped iron sight. For non-optics ready pistols that need to use an optic plate/adapter to replace the pistol manufacture equipped rear sight, ADE Stingray's rear white dot will act as a pistol factory original rear sight for Co-Witness.  


For non-optics ready pistols that need to use an optic plate/adapter to replace the pistol manufacture equipped rear sight, ADE Stingray's rear white dot acts as a pistol factory original rear sight for Co-Witness.  


Just like $400 RMR competitors,  It does not has a on/off power button. The light turns brighter or lower automatically. If you do not use it, put the provided rubber cover on it, then the sight will be "sleeping" in a very very low power mode.  


Hard coated aircraft aluminum and multi-coated glass. Not plastic body with polymer lens. 

ADE Stingray red dot sight is always powered on and features an auto-dimming sensor which regulates proper dot brightness based on ever changing ambient light conditions. Operates with a single CR2032 3v battery. With our advanced technology the sight only draws very minimum powers to give a very long battery life.  The brightness will turn high and low accordingly to the environment brightness. 


6MOA RED dot

One year battery life

Weight approximately .88oz/25grams

(Length)1.6" x (Width)1.1" x (Height).93"

Comes with screws for several Optics Ready handguns. Does not comes with any mounting plate such as picatinny mount or plate made for a specific handgun.