Most Accurate Professional Honey Refractometer 4 Bees Brix, 58%-90% Range

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  • Most Accurate Professional Honey Refractometer 4 Bees Brix, 58%-90% Range
  • Most Accurate Professional Honey Refractometer 4 Bees Brix, 58%-90% Range
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We have earned Top-Rated  status from ebay, we stand behind our products, hundreds of refractometer sold. Please see our feedback and buy with confidence. 



Brix Scale:
* Scale Range: 58%-90% Brix
* Divisions: 0.50% Brix
* Accuracy: +/- 0.50%

* Scale Range: 12%-27% Water 
* Divisions: 1.00% Water 
* Accuracy: +/- 1.00% 

Baume Specific Gravity Scale: 
* Be Scale Range: Be @ 20C 38% - 43% 
* Divisions: 0.50% 
* Accuracy: +/-0.50%


5 years warranty

comes with storage case,  manual, screw driver and pipette.


One BRAND NEW RHF-30ATC (10%-30% Moisture scale) Hand held Refractometer  is especially necessary when testing high sugar items like honey.  This unit uses ambient light, so no battery or power source is required.

Natural, raw honey varies from 14% to 18% moisture content.  But that's no the end of it...

Honey is hygroscopic; that is, it has excellent water absorbing properties. Thus honey will change in moisture content according to the surrounding atmosphere. This characteristic is important in storing honey because it will absorb water when exposed to high relative humidity (RH) and will give off water when exposed to low RH, until an equilibrium point is reached.

High moisture honey will ferment. This is caused by the presence of several yeast species which, as they multiply in the absence of air, produce alcohol. The alcohol may break down to acetic acid (vinegar) and water, giving the honey a distinctly sour or "off" taste and a runny texture with small bubbles, surface heaving or foaming.

If you detect that your honey has a high water content, there are methods used to "dry" out your honey to preserve it.  Ask us how!

Models with the “ATC” suffix are equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use). The RHF-30ATC DOES have ATC.


Why does this refractometer cost twice as much as other cheap refractometers on ebay?


Excellent question right!?  Why not get the cheap unit from Hong Kong?  It's the same unit right?  Eh, no it isn't.  Not even close.  Let's compare "apples to oranges" here:

  • It is the most accurate Wort and Must Specific Gravity Refractometer in the world!  How?  We actually corrected the flawed scale of the other units after seeing that the SG of the old refractometers and a hydrometer weren't the same.  The old scale was a linear formula that leads to incorrect readings.  The higher the Brix content, the more inaccurate it became!
  • It is 50% heavier than the other units.  Big deal?  This is a true instrument, not a cheap toy!  What happens when you drop the imported units...?
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